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DRAGO© Thick laser cleaning machines


Silltec develops and markets DRAGO© Thick laser machines designed for the cleaning and stripping operations in the industry.

These machines are made in France in the dynamic territory of Paris-Saclay. Achieving the highest peak power of the market (up to 40MW), these laser solutions exist in "Mobile" version and "Station" version for automated industrial use. Unlike conventional fiber laser cleaning machines, DRAGO solutions can handle both metal and sensitive materials (wood, glass, stone, marble, composite...). Indeed, the patented DRAGO technology by Silltec does not bring heat to the substrate and does not cause wear nor deterioration of the treated material.

Designed for processing high value-added parts, DRAGO laser machines do not require any consumables and therefore do not generate any waste. They meet the needs of many sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, plastics, luxury, construction and heritage restoration.




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91400 Saclay - France

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