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A new laser diode driver completes ALPhANOV range

A new laser diode driver completes ALPhANOV range
A new laser diode driver completes ALPhANOV range


ALPhANOV launches a new laser diode driver for the temporal processing of optical pulses.

The ALPhANOV laser diode driver range allows the users to get the best performance from their device while ensuring that it is protected at all times. The new product (called "Shaper") completes this range by adding very high precision temporal pulse shaping capabilities. In particular, it allows to generate any pulse shape between 500 ps and 2 μswith a repetition rate of up to 250 MHz, a temporal resolution of 500 ps and an intensity dynamic of 48 dB up to 2 A.

The Shaper board includes a multifunctional synchronization unit with AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator), 3 built-in delay generators for synchronizing external instruments or other external laser amplifiers, and a TEC controller to regulate the temperature of the laser diode.

This driver is available in two versions:

  • The "external modulation" version drives the laser diode with square waveforms and generates a shaping signal that is compatible with external devices such as acousto-optic or electro-optic modulators.
  • The "direct modulation" version allows the pulse shape to be applied directly to the laser diode and a new functionality allows the user to remove spurious effects such as "gain switch” relaxation peaks for optimal results.


Key features:

  • Direct modulation of ns laser pulses with any shape
  • 0 to 2 A output current with 16 bit/48 dB/30 µA resolution
  • Integrated pre-configured butterfly mounting sockets
  • User set pulse shape from 500 ps to 2 µs
  • 0-250 MHz repetition rate
  • Integrated TEC Controller with over temperature protection
  • Special mode for laser diode “gain switch peak” suppression
  • Built-in pulse AWG with internal or remote triggering
  • USB interface with software and intuitive GUI

Key applications:

  • Ideal for OEM integration
  • Laser timing control
  • Precision pulse application




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